Keep your stress levels low and boost your immune system with daily meditation and movement morning routine habits for 28 days during the COVID-19 period!


Do you want to create immune-boosting and stress-busting daily meditation and movement routine to keep you healthy and relaxed during the COVID-19 period?

Research shows that the best way to create a lasting and effective daily meditation and movement routine is to practice at set times for a period of 30 days, with the support of a live (online) instructor and a group.

The 28 Day Dynamic Mindfulness Online Corona Challenge offers you support with 30-minute online live morning sessions to get and keep your mind and body in a shape during the COVID-19 period.

This course is non-religious, down to earth, supported by research and no previous mindfulness/meditation/yoga experience is necessary.

Every weekday morning you can join an online community with guided sessions in the morning (30 mins) from 8.30 till 9 AM.


Online via Zoom.

The daily Dynamic Mindfulness sessions include:

  • Easy, time-efficient, and highly effective mindfulness meditation to calm your mind,
  • Light physical exercise/Tibetan Yoga movements to release the typical “office stress” areas (neck, shoulders, and back).
  • Dynamic, explosive “energizer” movements to release tension.
  • Breathwork to optimize lung capacity and boost your immune system.
  • Optional short engaging sharings to stay connected with each other.

This online course is specially designed for the coronavirus COVID-19 period of working from home.

It combines evidence-based modern mindfulness meditations with simple, effective, time-efficient physical exercises from sources like Tibetan Yoga and boxing. Dynamic Mindfulness releases the typical areas of tension and stress like the neck, shoulders, back and relaxes and re-energizes your mind and body. In this course, you’ll learn how to deal with auto-pilot stress challenges and become more self-aware.

This course is non-religious, down to earth, supported by research and no previous mindfulness/meditation/yoga experience is necessary.

Read the reviews:

l felt calm and more grounded. I could really feel my heart and it relaxed me”. – Bernadette

I really enjoyed this session and thought it was a great break to my day. I left feeling recharged and less stressed “– Monica (Event Manager at The Next Web Spaces)

“I find it very useful for relieving tension from work stress and for finding time to really focus on myself.”

Got some short, useful exercises to use throughout the day to alleviate tensions in the neck and back areas.” –

Great way to get away from the desk and into your body.” – Stefan (co-founder from

The exercises are really nice and give you a good refreshed feeling.” – Nicky 

“After having suffered a car accident, I had great pains and difficulties sitting behind my desk all day. But by doing Dynamic Mindfulness  I am finally able to sit and work for a whole day at my desk. I am very grateful for this! “– Richard 

I feel very relaxed now after a busy morning. – Christina


This brand new online service is offered for this special COVID-19 period for a special price.

€108 for the full program of 28 Day of 30 Minute Dynamic Mindfulness Online Corona Challenge.

€78  If you sign up and pay before April 28.

P.s. Only 80 tickets are available for this price. So get one while you can.

€18 You can also buy an 8 Pack of 30 Minute Dynamic Mindfulness Sessions you can use during this period for 48 days.

Book your ticket on Eventbrite or pay via TIKKIE and you don’t pay the service fee. 

 Pay the selected price via TIKKIE and mention “28 Day Challenge Dynamic Mindfulness” via

Great if you are joining!

After your sign up and payment, you’ll receive the link for the online Zoom sessions and reminders.