Dynamic Mindfulness at TQ starting 14th Jan 2019.

Dynamic Mindfulness Workshop – Trial Session

Long-lasting stress, without periods of healthy rest and recovery, gradually cause mental problems. These include anxiety, loss of energy, loss of interest in work, insomnia, burnout, and depression. Research has shown that stress can lead to mental health problems and burnout. Furthermore, sitting long hours without movement at work can cause serious health risks, a Harvard study shows.

To deal with stress and lack of movement at work, we might do yoga, meditation, and sports once or twice a week, before or after work or during the weekend. However, we hardly practice mindfulness or movement during our hours at work, where we actually need it the most. 

This is where the Dynamic Mindfulness Office Pop Up offers a solution. Dynamic Mindfulness combines easy, time-efficient, and highly effective mindfulness meditation with light physical exercise/movements which release the typical “office stress” areas (neck, shoulders, and back). It’s a guided group session of only 30 minutes. Practicing this meditation mid-day will leave you with its benefits for the rest of your workday.