Dynamic Mindfulness – Breathwork, Meridian Movement & Meditation Bootcamp Outdoor Classes on

Dynamic MindfulnessBreathwork, Meridian Movement & MeditationOutdoor Bootcamp combines evidence-based modern mindfulness meditations with simple, effective, time-efficient physical exercises from sources like Tibetan Tantra Yoga, Bootcamp workouts, boxing, and breathwork. Dynamic MindfulnessBreathwork, Meridian Movement & Meditation releases the typical areas of tension and stress. It relaxes and re-energizes your mind and body. And it’s just also just fun great outdoor mental + physical work out!

80-minute outdoor class.

At Java-Eiland (meeting address Bogortuin no.8)

Single class €12,-

10 ride card €108,-

or with ClassPass https://classpass.com/studios/the-mindbody-lab-amsterdam