Reviews + Clients

Ivar’s practice is a great balance between mindful movement and introspection. This is a great way to start my day! — Alvaro (employee at ING bank)

Joining this exercise daily has been a good way to create focus and direction every morning, resulting in more energy and less stress. Recommended! — Pieter (employee at a large internet security company.)

I really enjoyed this session and thought it was a great break to my day. I left feeling recharged and less stressed!Monica (Event Manager at The Next Web Spaces)

I joined thinking it was a joke, but Ivar was able to make me passionate about the Dynamic Mindfulness course in a short time. I find it very useful for relieving tension from work stress and for finding time to really focus on myself. Alberto

Got some short, useful exercises to use throughout the day to alleviate tensions in the neck and back areas. Wouter

Great way to get away from the desk and into your body.Stefan (co-founder from

The exercises are really nice and give you a good refreshed feeling.Nicky 

After having suffered a car accident, I had great pains and difficulties sitting behind my desk all day. But by doing Dynamic Mindfulness I am finally able to sit and work for a whole day at my desk. I am very grateful for this! Richard 

I feel very relaxed now after a busy morning. Christina

I felt calm and more grounded. I could really feel my heart and it relaxed me. — Bernadette

Organizations who have benefited from Dynamic Mindfulness before you are:

Gemeente Amsterdam, Salonized, Uber, Omnicom Pr Group, Egon Zender, PR.CO, TNW Spaces, The Next Web.

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