About The MindBody Lab

The founder of The MindBody Lab is Ivar van Hoorn,  who is an allround stress specialist:  he works as a chairmassage therapist at companies like Microsoft, Booking.com and also TQ.  He’s given incompany Dynamic Mindfulness coaching at organizations like Gemeente Amsterdam, Salonized, Uber, Omnicom Pr Group, Egon Zender, PR.CO, TQ and The Next Web.

After a decade of working in the corporate film industry during the week and partying a little too much on the weekend, he got a burn-out and a depression. In his quest for healing he explored al kinds meditation, yoga and other movement practices. From 2008 to 2010 he lived , worked as a filmmaker, studied  and practiced in a Buddhist Community in Southern France. It is his goal and passion to bring mindfulness and movement into the workplace in an effective, efficient, accessible, humourous way.

He believes at the workplace there is the most potential to deal with stress via the integration of meditation and movement exercizes, since it is the place where we generally spent most of our time.

His latest project is The MindBody Lab, which combines meditation and movement “stress hacks” from the most effective, effecient and accessible sources.